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What, more than any other factor, determines the difference between success and failure on Amazon?

The answer here is your keyword rankings.

Taking advantage of the millions of hungry, daily, buyers native to the Amazon platform is now, and forever shall be the single greatest selling strategy.

There is simply no better way to do that than landing your product on page one, and putting your product in front of that traffic.

That said, if you don’t know where your product ranks for these incredibly valuable keywords, you’ll never know the optimization strategies you’ll need to employ.

And that, friend, is exactly why we’ve developed the most intelligent, and insightful Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker on the market with OverGrowth.

Not only will you know exactly where your products rank for your keywords, but you’ll be able to see trends at a glance, ranking history, and even spy on your competition… all from our super intuitive and easy to read ranking dashboard.

Because knowing is half the battle. ~ G.I. Joe.

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